From Melbourne to Athens

What a relief to arrive in Athens. Firstly a 13.5 hour flight from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi with a 3 hour stop-over, then a 5 hour flight from Abu Dhabi to Athens (normally 4.5) due to a slight detour because of the no-fly zone over Syria, then a 30 minute train ride from the airport to Amelokopi train station, washed down with a speedy drive by taxi to our apartment for a couple of days in the vibrant Exarcheia!

Feeling exhausted Bill and I hopped out to get a bit of shopping but not without first dropping into the local Greek cuisine shop to chat to the owner and his family (name of shop later!). Returning to our apartment we then napped for three hours and still feel flat.

Tomorrow we are off to freshen ourselves up with a walk around Exarcheia and I hope to find myself a new camera! My first DSLR (entry level). Until then .. love the life.


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